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Making a payment

Booking and paying for a tour online:

When you book a tour with us online, you will be requested to fill in a form giving your details, the bike sizes you require etc and then you will automatically be taken to the Charity Clear secure online payment site to pay by credit card (see below for details).

Booking and paying for a custom or private tour online:

To pay for a custom tour that you have discussed with us, please use our Make a payment page where you are requested to enter some details and are then taken to the Charity Clear secure online payment site to pay by credit card (see below for details).

CharityClear - Funding Charity via Payment Processing

At Scotland Bike Tours we use Charity Clear to process our online payments.​

CharityClear is a highly secure Payment Processing Service with one BIG difference: 100% of CharityClear's profits go to charity.

This means that instead of growing the profits of banks and corporations, all profit made from your payment transaction goes towards helping those most in need of support. Currently, profits go to Epilepsy Scotland, who created CharityClear and the future plan is to share profits across a ‘basket’ of credible charities.

So, by the simple act of paying online with us, you have provided funding for a very worthwhile cause at no cost to yourself or us. When you confirm payment for any amount, for any goods bought from us online, we are charged a few pence for the processing of that payment. Clearly, a large number of small charges add up and can then make a real difference. We feel great about this arrangement and we hope you do to. It really is a fantastic result for all concerned. If you would like more information about CharityClear, please visit

You can pay with the following cards: